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SHEFFIELD. Fountains In The Evening.

SHEFFIELD. The fountains in the Peace Gardens on Pinstone Street.

Travel is still a moveable feast so I’m taking a look back through the photo files to look for inspiration against the return of any sort of normality

Sheffield is a favourite destination. I’m no expert of the South Yorkshire city but I’m working on it. It’s a relatively easy place for me to get to. By car, if I have to, I take the route through Derbyshire and the Snake Pass. The preferred option though is the train. There’s a regular through service from Warrington which is straightforward for me to get to.

On this particular trip I’d been over to take a walk through the Botanical Gardens, they’re an easy walk from the city centre and I was making my way back towards the station and the train home.

I’ve found there’s always a shot or two to be had in a city at this time, that swap over period between the shoppers going home and the party animals arriving. As well as the Nikon DSLR I have a compact camera, a Panasonic Lumix. Nice and light, it fits in the pocket and with its Leica lens is great for the quiet candid shots I like taking on the streets. The ones where people are just being natural and themselves, not doing their “act” for a camera.

I took the route back through the Peace Gardens by the town hall to catch a look at the water features there, including these dancing fountains. It was fairly quiet down in the gardens, in the distance you could here the jollities of the Christmas Market on Fargate carrying on.

SHEFFIELD. Sheaf Street, the water feature outside the railway station.

I took one last shot as I reached the station, there’s a huge curving wall of stainless steel, a hark back to the city’s steel industry, which forms a curtain of water on Sheaf Square. It’s one of my hmmm shots, I think it looked better in my minds eye than the way it came out.

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