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MORECAMBE. The Resort On The Beautiful Bay.

MORECAMBE. Eric Morecambe Statue.

MORECAMBE. The very popular statue of the equally popular, local born comedian Eric Morecambe who took his stage name from the town. It’s not that easy to take a shot of the statue on it’s own, it’s almost and quite rightly, a local bylaw to have your photo taken with Eric.

Well Winter has everything in it’s icy fingered grasp around my way. The rain and the unfriendly temperatures don’t encourage you to move far from hearth or home. While warmer times and longer days seem just a bit too far away.

Keeping myself busy I’ve been sorting and editing the backlog of images that built up towards the end of last year and I’ve got as far as a selection taken in Morecambe, Lancashire.

18/07/13 MORECAMBE. The Promenade and Midland Hotel.

MORECAMBE. Lancashire. The Promenade with the Midland Hotel in the background and an icecream van in the foreground. All you need really, somewhere to sit and an ice cream for while you’re sitting.

The resort has had a bit of an unkind press over the years, comparisons made with another well towered resort a little further south down the Lancashire coast, always seemed to put Morecambe at a disadvantage. Certainly it’s not a full on 24 hour, in your face, party place but that doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer.


MORECAMBE. The style and elegance that is the Midland Hotel. Lit by a setting sun. Morecambe Bay does really good sunsets and I mean REALLY good sunsets.

It’s position on the Bay it shares its name with is spectacular, looking out over towards the Hills of the Lake District in Cumbria. This also means that Morecambe makes a brilliant base for touring around the Lakes. Also the promenade is graced by the elegant jewel that it the Midland Hotel. The former railway station building  across the road from it is now a well regarded performance venue, now known as The Platform.

18/07/13 MORECAMBE. The Stone Jetty.

MORECAMBE. Lancashire. The Stone Jetty, opposite the Midland Hotel, was once the embaction point for ferries taking passengers across the Bay to Barrow and other exotic destinations.

No, while Morecambe might not be seen as having glitz and glamour, it is a good place to kick back and chill out. It’s had some knocks in the past but it’s fighting back with the ongoing restoration of the Winter Gardens theatre on the front and future developments include Eden Project North, an offshoot of the Eden Project, to be based in a dome complex on the shores of the Bay.

18/07/13 MORECAMBE. Cormorant scuplture .

MORECAMBE. A cormorant sculpture, forming part of the safety barrier on the Stone Jetty.

07. IMG_20191116_141931224_HDR

MORECAMBE. Brucciani’s just by the Winter Gardens, for all your coffee and ice cream needs. In fact the resort is well provided for on the food/coffee/teas/ cake front.

MORECAMBE. Happy Mount Park

MORECAMBE. Happy Mount Park at the northern end of the resort.

118/07/13 MORECAMBE. Collective noun

MORECAMBE. Leading past the market towards the from is the Flock of Words art installation, based around the collective nouns of birds.

10. IMG_20180922_113050

MORECAMBE. There’s quiet corners to browse away  like Princes Crescent.


MORECAMBE. Just find a seat, kick back and watch the Bay go by.  You can add optional fish & chips as well, there’s some good chippys in Morecambe.

LANCASHIRE, Morecambe. The Promenade.

Morecambe. The Promenade as the evening settles in. This view is looking towards the Winter Gardens Theatre and the Midland Hotel.

So between now and the warmer weather returning I’ll crouch a little closer to the fire and make some plans to go and have another look at Morecambe in the sunshine.

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