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SOUTHPORT. The Pier In The Sun


SOUTHPORT. Man vs machine on the Pier.

A small follow on from a previous post on Southport and it’s pier. I took this image on a bright, crisp day which really made the colours of the original sing out but there was something about the shapes and shadows that lead me in the direction of trying it out as a black & white image and I’m quite happy with the result, though any feedback or comments are always welcome, if I’m not in just leave a note under the rock by the front door.

The ‘train’ in this shot is the latest one to run along the pier, sadly the purpose built battery tram was found to be too heavy for the pier structure, the vibration caused by it passing up and down was beginning to weaken the Victorian girders holding the pier together. Such is progress.

Speaking of progress I should be making some with an ebook I have working it’s way through to a publishing date. Time to leave the seaside behind for today.


A Walk Down Southport Pier

SOUTHPORT. Around The Pier in Black & White.

ORMSKIRK. Market Day In Mono.

LIVERPOOL. To Another Place.

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