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LEIGH. A Turnpike Saturday Morning

LEIGH. The Turnpike.

LEIGH. The impressive Modernist facade of the Turnpike Gallery and Library. The Turnpike was perhaps one of the last hurrahs of Leigh as a seperate town before it’s merger with neighbour Wigan in the 1970’s.

Leigh is a former mining town not too far away and like many towns that were mainly reliant on one industry it’s not had it troubles to seek over the last few years. That said it has a bustling town centre and market, plus decent-ish transport links into Manchester. Currently there’s an express guided busway but there is a feeling growing that an extension of Manchester’s Metrolink Tram system to the town would be “A Really Good Thing”. Leigh also figures as one of England’s larger towns without easy access to a rail link.

However, I was in the town to meet up with some friends and before I did I took the opportunity to take a look at an old friend that’s in the process of being reborn, The Turnpike Gallery on Civic Square. The gallery occupies the upstairs floor of the combined Library and Gallery building, an impressive, Modernist block with a mural on the facade by William Mitchell, who’s other work includes the doors to the Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool.

The current exhibition is devoted to Leigh born Pete Shelley of the Buzzcocks. There will be link thingies below for the gallery etc.

I’ve a great affection for the place having been lucky enough to exhibit work there on a couple of occasions in the past, showing my work on  the main staircase up from the ground floor which was also being used as an exhibition space as well as the main room.  

LEIGH. The Turnpike. Pete Shelley Poster.

LEIGH. The Turnpike Gallery and Pete Shelley exhibition poster on the exterior.

LEIGH. The Turnpike.

LEIGH. The Turnpike Gallery and Pete Shelley exhibition.  Funding was withdrawn from the Gallery around 2013 but it kept a presence alive with exhibitions and events via local groups.

LEIGH. The Turnpike. Pete Shelley Poster.

LEIGH. The Turnpike Gallery and Pete Shelley exhibition.  The Turnpike makes an exceptional impact by thoughful use of it’s large exhibition space. The walls and floor displays show record sleeves, clothing, posters and other ephemera.

LEIGH. The Turnpike.

LEIGH. The Turnpike Gallery and Pete Shelley exhibition. The Gallery was relaunched as a Community Interest Company in 2016, looking to revive it’s connection with the local community.

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