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BIRKENHEAD. A Walk In The Park.

Following on from my Hamilton Square post.

I walked out of the Square and down through to the shopping centre area. By the way, I had a bite to eat at Samuels, its just off the Square, you pass it as you’re coming from Hamilton Square station. It’s a nice and cosy place, great breakfasts and lunches. It’s on my list ( I have a little list etc )

I have faint childhood memories of the market being nearer the ferry terminal at Woodside though now everything is mostly located along Grange Road. The market is a good one, a market hall and an open market. It’s just a pity it’s in what is for me an uninspiring building. I’ve little time for the 1960’s/70’s concrete shoe book school of architecture or the obsession with having all the pipework and ducting on show. It’s a trend I wouldn’t miss if it wasn’t there. Birkenhead is not without a selection of fine and impressive buildings and it always makes me wonder what got pulled down to make way for the new stuff and why couldn’t it have been saved in some way?

Anyway minor rant out of my system and on to the park and the beauties of nature.

It dates from the late 1840’s and was inaugurated as an improvement work and as public asset, as much to do with improving health as beautifying what had been a stretch of marshy, boggy fields on the outskirts of the town.

I have an a great affection for the parks of this era, with their promenades for the Sunday stroll, generally the only day working people would have had off and the only chance to get into something approaching real countryside. Curving pathways circle about offering changing vistas and sometimes follies are dotted here and there to add that extra little spice of visual interest.

A park like Birkenhead’s rewards the visitor all through the year as the seasons change. Did you know it inspired Central Park in New York? That park’s designer, Frederick Law Olmstead was duly impressed by it on a visit. Score one to Birkenhead for that. Or that is has the only covered bridge in the UK? The Park’s designer was Joseph Paxton of the Crystal Palace fame, a bit of a class act then.

Have some photos.

31/10/19  BIRKENHEAD. Birkenhead Park. The Grand Entrance Lodge.

BIRKENHEAD. Birkenhead Park, the Grand Entrance Lodge is a magnificent feature of the park with the Park’s opening date of 1847 carved into the top of the arch.

31/10/19  BIRKENHEAD. Birkenhead Park. The Grand Entrance Lodge

BIRKENHEAD. Birkenhead Park. By  the Grand Entrance Lodge the trees begin to shed their Autumnal colours as Winter slowly approaches.

31/10/19  BIRKENHEAD. Birkenhead Park. Telephone Box.

BIRKENHEAD. Birkenhead Park, an old style telephone box stands guard by the Grand Entrance Lodge.

31/10/19  BIRKENHEAD. Birkenhead Park. Cormorant On The Lake.

BIRKENHEAD. Birkenhead Park.A Cormorant stretches its wings on one of the Park’s lakes while the trees dot the water with their cast off leaves.

31/10/19  BIRKENHEAD. Birkenhead Park. The Roman Boathouse.

BIRKENHEAD. Birkenhead Park, the Roman Boathouse gazes out over the lake, surrounded by the changing colours of the trees.

31/10/19  BIRKENHEAD. Birkenhead Park. The Swiss Bridge.

BIRKENHEAD. Birkenhead Park, the gaily painted Swiss Bridge stands out amongst the trees at the heart of the park.

31/10/19  BIRKENHEAD. Birkenhead Park. Path Through The Trees.

BIRKENHEAD. Birkenhead Park, one of the many paths which snake through the trees in the park, offering a changing kaleidescope of views.

31/10/19  BIRKENHEAD. Birkenhead Park. Cyclamens.

BIRKENHEAD. Birkenhead Park. A splash of colourful cyclamen by the lake heralds the approach of Winter.

If there’s any ‘proper’ snow this Winter I’ll be tempted to pay a visit to enjoy the park’s charms some more.





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