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LISCARD. A Sunny Day In A Walled Garden.

A seat in the sunshine with artistic shadows.

A bus ride I enjoy is out under the Mersey and onward through Birkenhead and on to New Brighton. Sometimes if the weather is decent I break the journey at Liscard for a walk around Central Park, it’s just off the town centre. The back story is a familiar one, the park was once the grounds of a large house which eventually came into the hands of the local council with the grounds being turned over to a public park. Sadly the house is now gone but some of the garden features still remain. A favourite is the walled garden, I like the seclusion of these places, quiet corners where you can sit and watch nature at play. These shots were taken in Spring, the cherry blossom putting on a show in the sunshine and being midweek the Park wasn’t too busy so it was easy to wander around at my own speed and not be carried along on a flow of people.

The blossom puts on a show to welcome the sunshine.
Along the path and reward yourself with a sit down. There’s a cafe in the walled garden, just saying…..
Just sit in the sun, let the world get on with what it wants to and you enjoy the peace.
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