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WARRINGTON. A Walk & Wallpaper.

The Old Fish Market by the Golden Square shopping centre. Used now as a al fresco food court and entertainments venue.

Well just to show my life isn’t an endless parade of fun and self indulgence I took a ride into Warrington last week to but some wallpaper to finish off decorating my kitchen. I know, who needs, sex, drugs, rock and roll etc? I checked out a couple of places and then as usual I went for a walk ( and coffee ) while my overheated brain cooled down enough for me to decide on the pattern I wanted. I had a walk around after the coffee and before I went and parted with the money for the decorating. NOTE. Just because I’ve bought the wallpaper doesn’t mean I’ll be rushing out to decorate, 2025 is early enough.

There’s a school of photography, the Mundane, the recording of the everyday, not the large events, the breath taking stuff but the ordinary, the overlooked. Have some mundane images of Warrington.

The Cafe on the bus station does a very good sausage butty. I would have taken a photo but I was hungry.
Up or down, from the shops to the bus station or t’other way, there’s always choices to be made.
The weather wasn’t the sort to encourage hanging about. Looking down Bridge Street here.
The town centre is not without its decorative features. Horsemarket Street makes it’s way down toward Warrington Central railway station.
The obelisks are coming. Buttermarket Street, meets Bridge Street, meets Sankey Street at Market Gate.

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