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BLACKPOOL. Four Views.

Pedal power along the prom, there’s even a driver.

Ah Blackpool, the Queen of the Lancashire coast some would say, cheeky, fun, rowdy sometimes but it always does what it says on the tin though at times it can be a bit too non stop for me. There is a charm in its brashness though, you always know what to expect, no airs, no pretensions, just roll your trouser legs up and go for a paddle. Then treat yourself to some fish and chips as you walk along the Prom taking in the sights and sounds of people letting their air down by the sea side.

Catching the afternoon sun by the South Pier with the Tower standing proud.

( Confession, all the years I’ve been going to Blackpool, I’ve never been up the Tower, must put that right at some point.)

The shore by the South Pier, make the most of the sands and the donkey rides before the tide returns.
The Pleasure Beach, that’s if your pleasures include screaming your tonsils out on the big dipper, spinning yourself dizzy and stuffing your face with candyfloss and hot dogs. Sounds like a perfect day out to me….
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