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SNAPSHOT! Blackpool, Evening Along The Prom.

Towering over the Promenade.

I finished off my day with a walk along the Promenade. Even on a “brisk”March evening with a cold, lazy wind that cut through you rather than go around Blackpool’s perpetual party atmosphere was already bubbling.

I wonder if the International Space Station can make out Blackpool as it orbits past?

I was traveling back from Blackpool South railway station, a half forgotten fragment tucked away at the bottom of Waterloo Street, not as upmarket as the North station but it’s single platform is a lot less hectic, plus the route from there out through the towns of St. Anne’s and Lytham is more interesting for a people watcher like me.

Let there be neon and lots of it!!
Cinderella has a choice of carriages to the ball tonight.

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