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FORMBY. Walking On The Shore.

If you want to fly a kite there’s plenty of wind to spare on the beach.

The days are easing into a more comfortable state, not luxurious but more comfortable. Around the end of January last year I took myself off to Formby and Southport. I enjoy the solitude of the shore and extensive dunes at Formby. The walk up from the station can be a bit misleading, housing then woodlands give way to and undulating, almost moonscape like drift of sand dunes before you drop down to sea level on the outer edges of where the River Mersey folds itself into the Irish sea. The wind owns the place and makes no bones about it. The wind picks the sand up as a dancing partner, ghost like columns pirouette before you as the dunes are unmade and remodelled around you. It’s a popular spot but solitude is easy to find as voices and people are absorbed into the drifting landscape around you.

Away in the distance, is more distance. The dots and shapes away on the horizon are the dock at Liverpool and the edge of the city centre.

Head down, collar up, hat held down tight as you walk determinedly against the wind. All the while the dunes around you hiss and chatter to themselves.

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