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BRADFORD. The Writing On The Wall.

Bradford. The Town Hall Clock Tower.

The sorting process for places to visit in 2023 continues. West Yorkshire has popped up on my radar, now for some reason I haven’t travelled over that way for quite a while. Well there is one big obvious reason but let’s not get into that.

Bradford. John Nelson plaque on Ivegate.

It’s an area I enjoy exploring, though I’ve hardly scratched the surface. Bradford has featured fairly often in my travels to that side of the Pennines, the Photography Museum was a big attraction and again it’s the walking around the city, exploring the streets and alleyways a little more off the beaten track which add to the interest. During a major refit some years back the Photography Museum upped sticks and partially moved out to the area of Little Germany, home to the warehouses that dealt with the trade from that area of Europe, each building layered with just that extra bit of stonework or brick elegance to set it apart and just a little bit above its neighbour.

Bradford. The plaque on the Midland Hotel commemorating the death of the actor Sir Henry Irving. I’ve read that he was taken in in the foyer of the hotel but the staff believed him to be just drunk and he was left unattended, a sad end to a talent.

On one wander about two plaques caught my eye, they weren’t exactly prominent, to know where they are you sort of had to know where they were. Both are a bit poignant, a sad tale in each. A bit more history on the wall for the passer-by that notices.

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