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SNAPSHOT! Llandudno, Coffee &Cake By The Coast.

Up on the Great Orme.

So where did I leave you? It’s all getting a bit breathless this day out.

The bus got me into the centre of Llandudno, not far from the tram station for the the Great Orme tramway. So it made sense to take a ride up and enjoy the spectacular views and the very fresh air.

The bell goes ding ding and we’re off.

The tram started service around 1902, and has been quietly trundling up and down ever since, it’s a journey well worth taking just to enjoy the experience of technology from another age, not to mention the truly wonderful views from the summit.

When trams pass.
Enjoying a monochrome tram ride.
Off and away up the hill.
Is that not a bit good?

So after enjoying the healthy breezes it was tie to take the tram back down and make my way out to the seafront and the pier. Even though a chill was in the air the pier was still busy.

Along the pier and out to sea.
Fairground fish and chips.
Lonely shelter on the promenade.
Time for a refreshing drink before heading back to the train.
Stormy clouds hang over the station.
Just so you know where you are.

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