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SNAPSHOT! Oxenholme, Waiting On A Nighttime Station.

Green for go southbound. Just need a train.

The day had been going well, however a couple of transport glitches means I’m at Oxenholme station waiting for a train down to Lancaster. No point in getting ratty about it, it is what it is. Anyway there’s something a bit magical about a railway out in the countryside in the evening. The local wildlife begins to take over the station as those dratted humans beggar off out of the way.

Information for those who take an interest. Like a lot of rail routes in’t north the Windermere branch would benefit greatly from some TLC. Electrification would be great, though it’s The North so I’m not holding my breath.
The train should come from up there somewhere.
Patience is a virtue they say. Aye right.

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