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SNAPSHOT! Preston, A Break On The Market.

Taking in the comings & goings at Aunty Dolly’s cafe.

I had tasks on my list that needed sorting so to take a bit of the sting out of proceedings I wrapped them up in a quickish trip up to Preston in Lancashire. It’s an easy trip up on the train and a walk up the always lively Fishergate took me to the market. I’ve a couple of regular eating places in Preston but it’s always wise to cast the net a bit further. So today’s experiment was Aunty Dolly’s and not bad it was. Apart from a very good bacon barm, a BIG cream cake to die for and a decent coffee it was also a great people watching spot. It has now been logged into the system!!.

Said bacon barm.
The cream cake. Moment on the lips, lifetime on the hips etc. No photos of the coffee as I drank it, oops….

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