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HOYLAKE. The Boat On The Shore.

Hoylake. Blue hull, blue skies

The Autumn is beginning to creep up, the day’s are beginning to shorten, slice by wafer thin slice. So it’s time to make some plans and decide what to do with what’s left of 2022. There’s still a lot of the year left but I don’t want to waste any of that time staring at the unchecked day’s on my calendar pondering on what to do with a day that is already unfolding itself. A favourite area is the Wirral, it’s an easy reach one and there’s still some corners I haven’t reached. I did do the coastal path walk, along from New Brighton and into West Kirby. It’s an easy-ish one, it’s level and largely on top of the coastal defences and there’s plenty to see along the shore as well as just inland. I might try and squeeze it in before the clocks change ( that’s one of those quaint UK customs where we play with time, forward an hour in spring, back and hour in autumn ).

I took the shot of this blue hulled boat a couple of years back, the last time I walked the coast. Wonder of it will still be there the next time I go, or will it have sailed off to adventures new?

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