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ULVERSTON. Mooching In The Market Hall.

( To Mooch. The act of looking around and exploring without a set objective in mind )

The Market Hall, just like it says on the tin.

As anybody who reads these ramblings, thank you by the way if you do, will know I like markets, proper ones. Be they open air or market hall. I like the buzz you get from them. It’s not just a shopping expedition it’s a social occasion as well, a chance to catch up, see familiar faces and perhaps some new ones. A chance to give the daily routines a bit of a shake up.

Old postcards coming under scrutiny.

Pots, pans. Things for the kitchen, wood for the fire and foam for the chairs you can sit on while you knit with the wool you bought. That’s just one alleyway.

One of my many favourites is up in Cumbria, Ulverston Market Hall. It’s open five days a week with a street market on Saturdays. It’s not huge but it’s big enough. There’s been a market hall in the town since the late 1870’s with the present building dating from the mid 1930’s, the rebuilding coming after a fire which destroyed the original. If you’re in the area take a look, you can buy proper stuff there, oh and there’s a cafe too.

Souvenirs and fancy goods bath in the sunlight.

See, I told you there was a cafe.

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