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SNAPSHOT! Warrington, Two Coffees & One Cake.

Americano and salted caramel shortbread.

Okay a couple of jobs to sort out so a quick bus trip into Warrington. I could have driven but the traffic at the moment makes that a less than fun activity. Besides which I like the me time that can come with a bus or train ride, an opportunity to freewheel through a few ideas. Anyway, first batch of jobs done so I rewarded myself a coffee and cake at the Coffee House on the Golden Square. I got back to the bus station with about 3/4 of an hour until the next bus. Dilemma! I could sit and twiddle my fingers or finally try out the little coffee bar across the road, Dick’s Beans. I did and I’m happy to report that it is quite fine and has gone into my little black book of hideaways.

Bus station or…..
Plus a little secret garden to drink it in.

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