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SNAPSHOT! Warrington, Two Coffees & One Cake.

Okay a couple of jobs to sort out so a quick bus trip into Warrington. I could have driven but the traffic at the moment makes that a less than fun activity. Besides which I like the me time that can come with a bus or train ride, an opportunity to freewheel through a few ideas. Anyway, first batch of jobs done so I rewarded myself a coffee and cake […]

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SNAPSHOT! At Wigan, Destination Glasgow.

Today I am heading north to my genetic homelands to meet up with my friend Gareth from Cardiff. Just go with that please. The day has the new minted, misty freshness I always enjoy. A soft focussed, impressionism that dresses a day with promise. And yes I have an extensive list of coffee/ cake/ fat rat establishments to carry the two of us through the day. Further posts may contain […]

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SNAPSHOT! Lincoln, Cake & Afternoon Coffee.

Being out and about enjoying yourself can be an exhausting business so after a walk around the cathedral and castle I carried on up the street and came across Cafe Misto. I took it as a sign and treated myself to the above coffee and brownie, sat outside in the sun. It’s hard work but it’s a sacrifice I’m happy to make on your behalf.

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