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MORECAMBE. A Last Few Random Thoughts And Views.

Boats by the Stone Jetty.

Just a few lines and images to round off a visit on a hot day to Morecambe. It was the right day to be down by the water, the breezes coming in off the bay easing the baking heat. For all the crowds enjoying the sunshine and warmth there are still plenty of quiet spots to be found, places where you can kick back and relax, enjoy the views across the Bay to the distant peaks of the Lake District, mysterious in their haze, or just sit and enjoy the company of your own thoughts.

Happymount Park, keeping the heat away with an ice cream.

Across the Bay to the Battery, the tides gone away for now, look and see what it’s left behind for you.

To paddle or to read a book, choices, choices.

Hat and shorts for the ice cream run.

To hot to race today, it’s a day for just sitting.

High tide, just bobbing along on the Bay.

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