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SNAPSHOT! Warrington, Mostly Trains, Coffee & Cake.

All aboard for Edinburgh.

Do you ever get one of those days, one where no matter what you try you just can’t settle to get anything done. I’ve had one today, my cure for this transient mental fluffyness is to go out of the house somewhere so I did. I ended up in Warrington, it’s only a short train ride away so I wasn’t going to lose too much of the day to pondering.

I had a walk through the shops, raiding a Polish deli on the way and found my way to a very pleasant cafe on Golden Square. Peace of mind was restored with a latte, a Bakewell tart and some easy window gazing. Then it was an amble back to the station and home.

Stand clear of the platform edge and behind the yellow line.
All lined up with somewhere to go.
Already told you that.
Got your ticket?
Waiting nearly over.
Next stop Chester.
Hadn’t forgotten.

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