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MARYPORT. You Don’t Always Get The Shot You Expect.

Heads up, photographer at work.

You see, the thing with photography is that for all the technology etc there’s still a few things that are in the lap of the Gods. You can plan a shot down to the last detail but in between sighting everything up and the camera shutter doing its little dance, there’s still a few microseconds available for something to throw you a curve ball. As in this shot. It was the day of the Maryport Community Parade and I was looking for a good spot to catch the passing action. I was settling in when my eye was caught by the wonderfully faded gold lettering of the shop front across the street from me. I was so intent on catching this little bygone from another age, the sort of thing that can be there for years doing no harm then someone come along a rips it out, that I didn’t expect a little head to appear just as my shutter finger tensed and pressed. Actually I do kind of like it. A bit odd but a bit of fun.

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  1. The little head kind of matches the satellite dish! Old & new !

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