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SNAPSHOT! Manchester, On The Trams.

MANCHESTER. On Mosely Street.

One of the delights of travelling in and around Manchester, well for me anyway, is the City’s Metrolink trams system. The yellow beasts trundle through the city centre and then out into the outlying suburbs and towns. The total route is something approaching sixty five miles with just under a hundred stops.

Like many cities in the UK Manchester decided that trams were old hat and needed to be cleared out to make car driving more efficient through the city. Hmmm, that worked out well.

The reintroduction of trams onto Manchester’s street sprung from a couple of sources, the increasing street congestion, a need to connect to two main railway stations, Piccadilly and Victoria which inconveniently had themselves built on opposite sides of the city centre, an underground connection was proposed but that went down the tubes and finally the electrical equipment on the railway line from Manchester Victoria to Bury was breathing it’s last. All these were added to the cauldron, stirred and in 1991 work began on the first section from Manchester to Bury with a phased in expansion adding the route out to Altrincham to the south of the city followed by the street running section through the city centre, on one route initially now two.

Former rail routes have gone over to the yellow side, the tram’s livery is a bright yellow, with more possibilities of extension being considered.

MANCHESTER. Riding into Victoria Station.

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