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FAIRHAVEN LAKE. It Was Christmas Time At The Coffee Stall.

Waiting patiently surrounded by comforting coffee fumes.

Ah yes I can hear you all thinking, the fool has been rummaging through his photographic dressing up box again and found something to amuse himself with.

Well yes, sort of. The year is tumbling onwards like one of those large cheeses people chase down hills. The first of August is only a couple of days away so any time now the Christmas music will be playing in the shops and Christmas trees will start popping up all over the place. Some people will be calculating exactly the right moment in September to get the sprouts on ready for the big day. Also yes I have been doing more sorting through the digital attic to drag more images screaming into the daylight.

This shot was taken on a brisk, mid December day last year. Life was beginning to ease up so I took myself off to Lytham and had a walk up to St. Annes. I couldn’t pass by this wagon, the coffee smelled invigorating and the pastries were almost illegally tempting. I settled for a latte and a pistachio canolli. I can be worryingly sophisticated at times, not like me at all. The set up set up itself, the framing just came about naturally so I wasn’t going to waste a scene like this……so I didn’t.

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