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FORMBY. A Figure In A Landscape.

A lone figure strides through the dunes under a noonday sun.

The railway station at Formby is a little way off the town centre. As you leave the station entrance, it’s a little bit of a period piece with the name in mosaic on the frontage, you can either turn right for the town or if you turn left you can walk up the road and enter the pinewoods that lead onto the shoreline and sand dunes. The woodlands are in the care of the National Trust and are a haven for a population of the native red squirrel. Pathways through the cool shade of the trees bring you to the edge of the sand dunes and onwards to the shoreline on the River Mersey. Even on a hot day the area seems to soak up the people and it’s relatively easy to find a quite spot.

The beach and riders braving the surf.

The sand rustles and hustles in the wind, constantly moving and changing.

There’s an eeriness to the dunes, the sands constantly shifting, rustling away in the wind. It’s like eavesdropping on the edge of a whispered conversation, the words are there somewhere but indistinct. I wonder what tales they are telling and who they are telling them about.

The beach and riders, after braving the surf the ride home.

The beach and shells in the sand.

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