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ABERGAVENNY, Through A Coffeeshop Window.

ABERGAVENNY. The Trading Post Coffee Shop, the chocolate brownie is just for show……..

One of the things I look forward to on my cake and coffee hunting trips is finding somewhere that not only has the pre-requite good coffee and wonderful cake but as a bonus has a big window that I can sit by and watch the world go by. I find it easy to get carried away sometimes and just keep walking as a corner or a street leads onwards to something new, a little undiscovered corner a narrow alleyway that looks interesting. So I was really pleased on a visit to Abergavenny to find The Trading Post. So I equipped myself with a coffee and a chocolate brownie and sat while the world, or at least the part of it in this Monmouthshire market town, ambled past the window. The weather had not been completely kind but a burst of sunshine started to drag people back out and onto the streets.

Of course I have made a note of the place for future reference in my black book of places to get fat in.

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