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CARLISLE. A Wander in The Evening.

Gathering up the family at home time. The buildings around the square stand neatly shoulder to shoulder by the old Town Hall with it’s pert little bell tower and clock.

A summer evening has a quality all it’s own for me. I was in Carlisle at the weekend and the British summer came up trumps, not always something you can count on. The day had been hot with a capital H! After a walk around the city I took the train out to Maryport on the coast to make the most of any sea breezes before coming back into the city in the early evening. The worst of the hard baked atmosphere was ebbing away, the centre of Carlisle is not without trees that offer some shade and shelter. T had a last ramble around, the streets were quiet now. The shoppers has by and large gone home, only the ebbing tide of shopworkers, locking up, chatting, were left to drift across the streets. I took a seat on a bench under the trees and treated myself to a few moments of doing nothing, just sitting and letting the sound picture of the city wash around. Traffic buzzed in the distance, Jackdaws scrapped noisily for the scanty pickings on the pavement. A play with no dialogue but plenty of sound effects. My moment of reverie done it was time to search out a drink before catching the train back home.

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched as you pass by the Guildhall Museum?

Trees and shade on English Street.

Fellow shade dwellers make the most of the trees at the top of Scotch Street.

Sandstone baked in the sun on Abbey Street will dole out its heat sparingly through the night.

The dainty cathedral sits amongst it’s lawns and trees.

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