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CHESTER. Up The Dee WITH A Paddle.

as stately as a galleon.

Housekeeping the photo files again and I came across this shot from early last Spring. It was not the brightest or warmest of days, it was the sort where you found yourself constantly on the move. Not exactly cold but not warm either, a temperate limbo under a grey sky. As usual after a walk around the town to see the beginnings of the great rebuild of the market hall etc I walked down to the River Dee at the Groves, it’s generally a popular spot, lined with benches so you can enjoy a few moments break, or a hot drink from the nearby fast food place, the scent of chips is one of those aromas that hit the fat rat trigger in me. One of the ice cream huts was open too for the hardier souls to enjoy something only slightly colder that the temperature of the day. I was taking all of this in when my eye was caught by a gentleman making his stately progress along the river on his paddle board. With gentle but firm strokes he glided serenely along, unhampered by the day, content in himself.

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