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COLWYN BAY. A Walk on The Pier.

Like It Says on the sign.

Sometimes, without you knowing it, a scene just clicks itself together and magically presents itself before you.

I had taken a train out to Colwyn Bay on the North Wales coast, it’s an easy and accessible journey I’m fond of, from the hustle and bustle of Chester station out and along the coast almost at sea level in parts, the Wirral Peninsula lying across the waters of the Dee estuary.

I was making my way down from the railway station to the promenade, you pass under the tracks and come out facing the newly refurbished pier, when all these players took their places on the stage. From the couple on the left to the figures in the distance in selfie mode. It was too good a shot to pass up, so I didn’t.

Colwyn Bay Pier, the stage is set and the cast assemble, each with their own part to play against the backdrop of clouds and horizon.


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