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SNAPSHOT! A Day In Cumbria.

Wigan North Western station, we are all waiting for trains.

A bit of a cobbled together post as it’s been a bit of an oddball day out on the railway.

It started with a signal failure (failure of signals, not a really special failure) which meant that getting underway was a bit delayed by about half an hour. Nevertheless the train driver did his best to claw back some time and arrival in Carlisle wasn’t that much behind time. There was a slight problem though, the plan had been to continue on to Dumfries and work back with a Stagecoach explorer ticket. That bit got axed due to timetable stuff so breakfast in Carlisle took place as a substitute.

A Carlisle breakfast.

Option B was formed and that was a bus ride down through Wigton to Keswick. The weather has not been at it’s friendliest so watching the world go by from inside a warm bus was a nicer experience than being out in the mist and drizzle.

Keswick, in a pub ( fancy that )

A pint was had in Keswick ( see above photo )

Then it was the 555 bus down through Ambleside and onto Bowness. To keep the cold of the evening out it was to Albert’s, and a chicken & leek pie.

A chicken and leek pie! And very tasty it was too.

So the last leg is approaching, waiting at Windermere station for the train back to Wigan, it’s been a fun day even if it wasn’t the one planned.

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