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FLEETWOOD. Watching The Ferry Sail Away.

Waiting for the off at Fleetwood. The state of the tide determines how far down the ramp you walk.

Drop off the tram by the North Euston Hotel, cross the road to the promenade and by the big chippy you’ll find the ramp down to the Wyre Ferry. I’ve written about it before.

Conversation and the crew.

The red and white ferry boat chugs its way across the estuary providing a regular foot passenger service as an alternative to the fourteen miles or so road trip from Fleetwood to the village of Knott End. it’s one of those geographical trick that you can see and almost touch the opposite side of the estuary but crossings are a bit thin on the ground this far along the river.

The end of your voyage is in sight before you’ve even left the start.

So if you fancy a little voyage, the length of it can vary slightly depending on how cooperative the tide is feeling, with a good café and a very pleasant chippy on the far distant shore then check out the Wyre Rose’s next sailing.

There’s just time for a little bit of sight-seeing or a very quick chat.

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