The travels, musings and thoughts of a man and his camera.

AMBLESIDE. Ambling Around.

The Little House on the bridge over the stream. plenty water flowing through the beck underneath.

A fair proportion of my trips out are on the spontaneous side. I do have a list of possible destinations but the final decision is often made on the day, taking in what the weather is likely to be or what the travelling conditions could be like.

Down from the church the rush bearers come.

And the band plays on.

I know working this way is most the most efficient but on the day I don’t think I’ve lost out too much and there’s always the chance that you drop on an event that hasn’t been advertised much or not at all outside the local area. Like the Rush Bearing parade I caught in Ambleside. Many cameras laid in wait as the parade passed though the middle of the town, not the easiest of tasks in a popular tourist destination on a busy Saturday.

Two wheels are often nippier than four through the Lake District traffic.

After watching the parade pass by I took a walk out of the village and headed up to Lake Windermere at Waterhead. To see the the rowing boats all in a row and to get some much needed fish and chips

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