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DUNKELD. Into The Night.

Dunkeld. An evening view of the Dunkeld Fish Bar on the High Street.

I holidayed in the Scottish village of Dunkeld for quite a few years in succession, staying in a small caravan park a short walk away across the River Tay. I enjoyed coming into the village in the evening just t relax, especially if I’d had one of those busy days you can get on your holiday, you chase around trying to cram in as much as possible because it’ll be another year before you can get away again. A feature of the evening’s in Scotland is the gloaming, where the last of the daylight lingers, sometimes quite late, and suffuses the landscape with an ethereal quality.

Dunkeld. A night time view of Menzies Deli on the High Street.

DUNKELD. Ella’s dress shop on the High Street.

Dunkeld. St. Andrews Gardens in the twilight. The gardens are built on the site of the former town gas works.

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