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CARDIFF. A Black & White Triptych.

Queen Street in quiet mood.

As you might have noticed if you wander through the meandering corridors of this blog, I’m a fan of street photography, in particular black and white photography. I find it relaxing to walk around a place and just let my impressions of it wash over me. In the beginning I would be a bit too hung up on having set targets, X number of one subject or Y number of another and quite often I would get home feeling vaguely disappointed with the day’s photography. I’ve learn my lesson on that one and take a more relaxed approach, have a walk around, make a stop, repeat. There’s pleasure in finding a bench and just letting the world pass by, then move on and find another spot. The resurgence of the indie bakeries and coffee shops does mean that there may be cake and coffee involved in these pauses. On a side note that’s something I miss from Scotland, the small family bakeries do seem to have survived better up there in the face of the chain onslaught. Anyway this is a serving of three images from a trip to Cardiff .

The Heyes and the Corner House. Mr. Bluesky is not in Cardiff today.

Fruit and Veg in the Market Hall, it gets a bit draughty by that door mind.

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  1. CARDIFF. Strolling Through The Arcades. – lachlansimages

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