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LARGS. Across to Great Cumbrae.

Waiting at Largs as the roll on, roll off feryy Loch Shira approaches the slipway.

The ferry to the island of Great Cumbrae operates out of the resort of Largs, the town is an easy reach by either train or bus, both out of Glasgow. It’s not a long sailing for those who’s sea legs might not be up to scratch, by the time you’ve boarded and found a seat you are almost there.

Great Cumbrae ahoy! The Millport bus waits at the head of the slipway.

The landing stage might seem a little out of the way but don’t worry a bus connects with the ferries and it’s a short journey along the edge of the island to Millport, the largest settlement. The town wraps around the bay and faces out into the firth of Clyde. Two small islets dot the bay, these are the Eileans, beyond is Little Cumbrae and further off is the tip of Arran.

Millport and its harbour. The grey clouds scudded away as I was leaving, it’s always the way. I’ll sneak back again when the bad weather isn’t looking.

A perfect location for cycling.

Beware the crocodile on the beach, think he might be here for the Irn Bru.

Time enough for a quiet pint In the Newton Bar before heading back.

Waves gently lap against the shore, overhead birds wheel and call, the horizon glistens as tranquillity descends.

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