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SNAPSHOT! Hereford, A signal Failure.

Like it says.

It all started so well. The plan ( make plans and the gods laugh ) was to be a gentle train ride down through Chester, Shrewsbury, the Welsh border and into Hereford.

The plan was working until the train I was on reached Shrewsbury, where the station signalling system decided to have a sulk. For about half an hour the train and us sat waiting, almost within touching distance of the platform. Passengers hadn’t started eating one another, though the possibility was perhaps getting closer.

At last whatever had gone wrong now went right and the train trundled the last few yards and stage one was done. Obviously by know there was a fair bit of chaos to sort out and the platform staff worked brilliantly to get people to trains and trains on there way. My next train was announced as cancelled. It then pulled into the platform and we all got on.

So you can imagine when I got to Hereford plans were a bit disarrayed.

Food was needed, I headed to the Butter Market. Something fried and fattening was my choice and it was lovely.

Sweet potato fries with cheese and bacon. Dirty but good…

A visit to the cathedral was dropped due to time etc do it was a day of bobbing around with the camera an making notes for the next, hopefully less stressful visit.

Fellow diners.
Waiting for a trim.
Generally I get one portrait request per trip, this gentleman was today’s subject.

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