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CHESTER. The Butterfly & The Flower.

Flower Power selfie.

I had hazy, lazy Sunday on my hands and the weather, for once, didn’t have a sulky face on it. Not wanting to waste sunshine or fresh air I set my sights on Chester.

It’s not a long rail journey and I am getting better at making use of the journey time, not doing the big stuff, it’s unlikely that I’ll ever create a War & Peace rivalling epic on the 10.05 to Preston but sorting out and chasing away the little stuff, the things that hang around you and get in the way like bad tempered imps. This is all on a slightly beat up laptop as my handwriting is it’s own best encryption device and defeats me from time to time.

The Gothic Elegance of the Town Hall lurks in the background shadows, while in the distance the StoryHouse arts, cinema complex bathes in the sunshine. Front and centre the Butterfly and the Flower entertain.

Chester was lively, it was Mother’s day too so families, cards and balloons were well in evidence. The centre of the city is undergoing some redevelopment, around where the Town Hall and the Storyhouse are. The market is being moved to new premises in a rebuilt former Grosvenor Car Showroom that became the library. I’ll be watching the market move, things like that make me a bit twitchy. Proper markets are becoming an endangered species.

Open air events were on show by the Town Hall. The wide, part pedestrianized area is a perfect setting for these things. I’m not exactly sure what the theme was but it involved a butterfly, a flower and a gilded cage. Reminds me of an old music hall song.

And yes before anyone asks, I did find some food…….

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