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SNAPSHOT! Windermere, The Return.

A gateway to the Lakes.

I’m sitting at a railway station and yes I have a ticket for my destination. It’s been been one of those off the cuff days that ends up giving more than you thought. It’s been good to catch up with some familiar and not so familiar places not the great unhappiness is lifting.

From tonight/tomorrow there will be more daylight again so we can come out of mole mode and blink in the sunshine again.

I have some photos to edit and find a home for in photo libraries etc, earn myself some more pie/cake/breakfast/ Coffee/pint/ chips money etc. Having fun is not always a cheap exercise. Tonight though will mostly kicking back and relaxing.

Bowness, queues for the lake cruisers and the row boats are neatly lined up.
The Swan waits patiently for it’s passengers.
Chips by the Lake.
This was very pleasant.

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