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ACROSS THE PENNINES. Manchester & Sheffield.

Two shots from two cities I spend time in, Manchester and Sheffield. They lie either side of the rock and moorland backbone of northern England that is the Pennines. Each grew up the child of the Industrial Revolution and each is having to reinvent and rediscover itself in in the shiny new future of service industry and the digital age, where connections are not made by navvy dug canal tunnels and railways but by fibre optics and the invisible WiFi buzz.

MANCHESTER. The footbridge spanning London Road by Piccadilly station, the cities rail gateway to the south and London. Sun gleams off the glass and steel office blocks. The sleek, modern, digital expression of commerce that stand across the way from the Victorian, steam driven version represented by the railways.
SHEFFIELD. Aberdeen Court on Division Street. Once the home to a Silver and electroplating works, it’s red bricks are now home to an artisan coffee house and stand in a bustling are of bars, food outlets and students.

Some Other bits & Pieces.

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