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BARRY ISLAND. Taking in The View.

BARRY ISLAND. A couple sit by the path to Friar’s Point and watch the fun on the sands.

It’s a cold and wet March evening as I put this post together. As is usual when the weather is being as unfriendly as a shark with toothache I take shelter n my photo files.

This shot was taken last year on a break I had down in Cardiff, capital of Wales. I don’t know the city or the surrounding area too well which is why I went there. Travelling was becoming less fraught and I wanted a chance to catch up with fellow photographer, Gareth the G-Man who lives on the outskirts of Cardiff.

We took a trip out to the seat of all things Gavin & Stacey, Barry Island. As is the way with TV it represents and distorts in the same breath. We took in the funfair and the beach and then walked further afield, along the headland overlooking the bay to Friar’s Point.

The weather was warm and sunny so plenty people were about and my eye was caught by the couple sat on the bench. They were just taking the day in, watching the coming and going of the Lowry-esque stick figures on the beach as they chased the waves and surf, made castles of impermanence out of sand and ate ice cream.

On some days you don’t really need to ask for anything else.

Some Of Those Link Things.

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