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SHREWSBURY. De-Stressing.

Model train watching at the Pumping Station. ( Want one!).

Right, just go with me on this one.

I’d topped up my freezer for over the Christmas holiday so you can imagine I wasn’t best please when I came down one morning to find that it had decided that it no longer wanted to keep things frozen but would be happier just being a large, metal cupboard. That was not a good moment.

Market Hall clocktower in stark, brutaliost brick. As a market I think it’s fantastic, not sure I’m a big fan of the architecture style given the buildings that surround it.

With a bit of jiggling of on off switches etc ( inc. some under breath mutterings) I managed to coax it back into life. Sadly now it has gone to the great electrical outlet in the sky and is currently sat in my living room like a shiny, steel TARDIS awaiting take off.

Down by the River Severn, under the trees.

Now, you know what it’s like when you move something that’s been in place for a while, well it was like that. So I’m just in the middle of an unexpected outbreak of kitchen decorating so I can have the new one delivered without feeling too ashamed of my kitchen. And it’s been raining all day too and I’ve run out of bread. I could bake my own but broken freezer, paint everywhere etc,etc.

Down amongst the flower beds, all peaceful and serene.

So to take my mind off this lets have a look at a few images of Shrewsbury, Shropshire. It’s a favourite Go To destination of mine and a useful meeting point for my fellow photographer Gareth and me. These shots are from a meet up last September. It was a really pleasant Autumn day, bright, sunny and not too cool. The Coleham Pumping station was open to visitors, and the machinery was in steam and working. Big boy’s toys in action, always a treat to watch these mechanical dinosaurs of another age actually moving and creating sounds, not static and dead.

The Loggerheads sit’s welcoming as the evening draws up a chair and makes itself comfortable.

The day also took in the usual coffee, food and the rambling conversations you have when you catch up with friends.

Right, enjoy the photos, I’m feeling better already.

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