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CHESTER. A Lucky Dip.

The Groves down be the River Dee. Looking all Parisian under the leafy umbrellas.

Wet weather today, storms a coming to the UK. Well it is November. The shortness of the days and the less than friendly weather makes trips out with the camera interesting and thought provoking, as in ”why have I come out in this weather” and “ I wonder if the trains are still running”?

A rather sinister looking hook in the sandstone by the canal towpath.
Sorry I couldn’t resist. These roast shops are the work of the devil. Ham. apple sauce and stuffing, I dare you to walk by.

On days like this I seek refuge in the back catalogue and wait for Winter to finish being about its business and to move on so the fair lady Spring can move centre stage and bring some life and brightness to the proceedings.

The cool serenity of the cathedral gardens seen from the city walls. It’s hard to think that the city is bustling itself away close by.

These shots are from a warm day in September just passed. I had an unclaimed day on my hands so I got out of the house before anyone realised it and staked a claim to it. I travelled to Chester to see the Autumn start it’s farewell tour of 2021and get a top up of sunshine ahead of the troll days of Winter.

After a few hours walkabout I took to the cool shades of a pub. One advantage of the day was that nearly everybody was sat outside, leaving the interior a cave like coolness with added beer. I find ‘retired martin’ of the WordPress Parish has an interesting take on UK pubs.
Then it was gone.

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