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MANCHESTER. On Stevenson Square.

Drinking and dining al fresco will be soon need the big coat as the temperatures drop.

The days are now cutting them selves back as the nights start to draw themselves in early.

This is the time of the year when I look for the shorter journeys, places to go where there’s a chance of a decent walk around while the sun is still in the sky and there’s daylight to enjoy and make use of.

Always the best approach, conversation has been a little in short supply lately.

Luckily Manchester is one of the places that isn’t too far away and there’s still a wealth corners in the city of that I haven’t explored and places I haven’t been to in a while. On a recent journey in I had a walk through Stevenson Square, due to the Covid the bars along that stretch have adapted and placed tables out into the square so social distancing can be maintained and a semblance or normality start to return.

Bollards and fences to keep the traffic at bay while you check your messages.
Some bright colours to get us through the dark days until Spring wheels around again.

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