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CHESTER. Under The Eastgate Clock.

CHESTER. Eastgate Street. The Wall & Clock. The sun braking through the stormclouds picks out the birdcage like filigree and the rich colours of the clockface.

CHESTER. Under The Eastgate Clock.

The Eastgate clock has been a feature of Chester’s city walls since 1899, having been built to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee two years earlier.

It’s a magnet for tourists and photographers alike and rightly so. Confident in its ornate-ness it occupies a prime position above Eastgate Street, looking up to Chester Cross or out to Foregate Street and the approaching tourist hordes of today and the ghosts of invaders past.

CHESTER. Eastgate Street. Under the simple, elegant arch the modern day visitors throng. Once the walls were there to keep people out, now they are one of the cities major attraction to bring people in.

The elegant arch of the gate itself dates from the middle of the seventeen hundreds. As for the Walls they stand on the shoulders of the fortifications put in place by The Romans when the city was a port know as Deva and the River Dee swept close to the walls.

Some people believe that the stone of a building absorbs the energy of the people who live or work there. I wonder what tales the Eastgate could tell from times past? Or what stories it might be storing up for future generations?

Checking messages under the clock. As meeting places go it’s hard to better. You can’t really miss it. I wonder sometimes about candid shots like these. It’s a thin line to walk, recording a moment like this or intruding. It was an evoctaive moment that I couldn’t pass and no offense or intrusion was meant. It was a small stillness in amongst the usual bustle.

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