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ASTLEY HALL. Windows and Flowers.

Autumn’s winds are getting cooler and the clocks go back at the end of the month. The long drag of Winter is just around the corner. At least I have plenty of sunshine on file in my photographs. Editing through them will keep me busy when the weather is too grim to be getting out and about.

A burst of yellows, oranges, blues and reds clamour around the flowerbeds as the year heads towards Winter.

These shots are from Astley Hall at Chorley. It’s an easy journey for me and offers a lot to see as the seasons change, so it’s a fixture on my Winter visits list as well as for the rest of the year.

The Hall is being renovated the frontage has been stripped of the render, exposing the warm, red brickwork and dressed stone underneath. I think consultations are still being made about the final look. For me it looks a lot better without.

Warm brick and mellow stone frame the windows above the flowers.

The flowers were what caught my eye, a last flush of colour before it turns to big coat and warm gloves weather. I’ll be making the most of it before I hibernate until Spring.

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