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CHESTER. Music On Northgate Street.

Making music on the street amongst the leaves of autumn.

If you flit back through the electric pages of my blog you’ll know that Chester is a regular destination of mine. It has a range of attractions for the camera carrying blogger. History dating back to Roman and pre Roman times, a range of architectural styles, plus the contrast between the hustle and bustle of the city centre and the quieter stretches down by the river Dee at the Groves where it pauses a while before launching itself over the weir by the Old Dee Bridge on its way out to the estuary and the Irish Sea.

Creating the magic.
The constant companion.

A frequent sight are the two buskers. Usually up by the Cross at the top of Bridge Street or on Northgate Street by the market entrance.

Ed Alleyne-Johnson is the soloists name, the music he creates is instantly recognisable, an electric violin against a backing track, the combination creating an ethereal mix of pulsing beat and swooping solos. It’s a distinctive mix and I miss it on those occasions when I’m in Chester and they aren’t around.

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