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LOWTHER GARDENS. Flowers in The Sun.

An artichoke I believe, gnarled and ready for cooler times.

I took a ride out to Lytham at the weekend and what began as an indifferent day blossomed into a glorious afternoon and evening.

A favourite spot on my visits, apart from places selling coffee & cake, is Lowther Gardens just off the town centre and home to the lovely Lowther Pavilion theatre. As well as that there are some glorious flowerbeds and at the moment they are putting on a show of colour as summer begins to take its curtain calls before chill Autumn and cold Winter arrive centre stage.

I’m no expert of flowers, I just like the way they look.

Here’s a quick selection.

Another artichoke looking quite the dandy with a hat of fashionable purple.
I’d take a stab at this being an Helenium, though I’m probably wrong on that.
Ah, an Agagpanthus looking cool in blue. Fairly certain this time as I have one growing by my back door.

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