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LYTHAM. A Windmill On A Sunny Day.

Well September has arrived and with it a burst of sunshine and warmth. Hopefully the long days will be going out in a golden haze and not a grey, damp mist.

I’m taking a break from jam and chutney making, yes my rock and roll lifestyle, with a few hours on the Fylde Coast at Lytham. The town is one of my favourite get away spots,even on a busy day like this its easy to find a quiet sport to think, read or put together blog posts.

I’m sat on the Green a broad strip of grass that separates the town from the sea. As well as being a green lung for the town and the surrounding area, it also functions as an events space for the Lytham Festival and other shows. Standing proud at one end is the Windmill. Glowing white in today’s autumn sunshine.

The windmill dates from the early 1800’s and is one amongst what was once many, making use of the winds that sweep across the low flat coastline to grind the corn grown in the rich soil. It’s now open as a museum, telling its tale and that of other aspects of the towns history in a small museum housed inside.

Dedication stone commemorating the gifting of the windmill to the town by the local Squire.
The central driveshaft coming down to drive the millstones.
The millstones. Depending on the wind speed the sails generated between 3 to 7 horsepower.

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