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CHESTER. Chips To Go.

If you are a regular reader of my blog ( thank you!) you’ll have worked out that one of my main photographic interests is street photography. Watching and recording the daily to and fro of everyday life. That cafes, coffee and food in general crop up more than you might think is a pure coincidence.

A regular destination is Chester. The layers of history lie piled inside the city’s sandstone walls, acting as a magnet to visitors from all parts of the globe.

Fish To Go

It can be a hungry job, pounding the street, looking for those often elusive shots that create a moment that cries out to be recorded. So I need to keep my strength up. On this visit I decided that chips were to be the thing, eaten in the open air as the sun was out and the breezes warm. So that’s what I did.

Okay, so I had a fishcake and curry sauce as well……fight me……

It was a sacrifice I know but I was happy to make it on your behalf.


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