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HUDDERSFIELD. A Bow Window On Trinity Street.

HUDDERSFIELD. West Yorkshire. A bow window with Gothic carving on Trinity Street.

A favourite area of mine to travel to is West Yorkshire. A favourite town there is Huddersfield. A short walk up the hill from the railway station is Greenhead Park, I have a soft spot for town parks. Especially the Victorian ones, often created as green lungs for the workforce to enjoy on their day away from the workplace.

On the route to the park You pass this marvellously, over the top bow window, with it’s host of finely carved characters. All staring out like the cast of a particularly mad pantomime suddenly turned to stone as they took their last curtain call.

I know this rich detail is not to everyone’s taste, the sumptuousness of Victorian decoration in many ways wrote the rule book on Over The Top but I have a liking for it. Too many town centres have cleared away too much of these buildings and replaced them with either 1960’s concrete shoe boxes, many of them now wearing far worse than their Victorian predecessors. If it’s not cold concrete then it’s sterile glass, with street after street gleaming away like a fairground hall of mirrors.

No, given the choice I’d rather have a bit of Victorian, over ripe architectural frivolity.


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