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CHORLEY. A Walk In The Park.

Bee-ing the first in the pollen queue at the Crocus bar. A socially distancing bee. At least I think it’s a bee, I hope he had somewhere warm to head back to, his fuzzy overcoat would have come in handy today.

At last the year is slowly feeling like it’s getting into gear. The little hints are there, daylight is no longer packing its bags for the day mid afternoon and plants and the like are beginning to shuffle off the winter inertia and jiggle back into life. The queue at my bird table is livening up as well and I’ve already had a couple of adventurous bees bumbling around the few spring flowers that have made the brave decision to open.

Nodding up through the cold ground, the sharp green and white of the Snowdrops starting the growing cycle all over again for another year.

Inspired by this I took a walk over to Astley Park in Chorley for an hour or so. A stretch the legs/get fresh air/ look at something other than my wallpaper and the computer screen sort of break. I had the camera with me plus a flask and a selection of the choccy bars that have been doing my waistline few favours during the various lock downs.

Though the temperatures were on the “brisk” side the sun was out and the sky was blue. I took a walk through the woods around the Hall, the ground was carpeted with splashes of white from the snowdrops and the crocuses made vivid splashes of purple as a counterpoint. The daffodils were cranking themselves up to get in on the act as well.

A daffodil making an un-enthusiastic opening on a crisp, cool but sunny day.

I found a bench in the sun, ate the chocolate and drank the coffee, a pleasant break, should keep me going for the next week or so.

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